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There once was a fisherman named Jos who lived near Delta River. Every day he would prepare his net and his equipment. He would catch just enough fish to eat and he would throw back fish into the water for whatever he knew he wouldn’t eat.

He was a peaceful man yet always knew he had to be on guard from thieves and animals. He kept to himself to avoid trouble.

He met a young boy who was lost and needed his help. The boy was hungry and was weak down to his bones. The boy asked for some food. He took pity on the boy but rather than feed him, he decided to teach him how to fish. At first the boy was grateful.

Through the struggles of learning, Jos refused to feed him. One day, he caught the boy stealing and so Jos left the land and warned the boy to find his own path. The boy never learned to catch fish and soon left the river. As the boy wondered through the land, he stumbled on a basket filled with fruits and began eating.

The boy fell into a deep sleep. Three witches appeared out of the forest. They captured the boy and threw him into their cauldron and cooked him to make more poison. They too were hungry.

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