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The Best Cooked Food

Deep in the forest of the Igmaki, lived three wicked witches. They took delight in torturing all who lived in the village. They would set traps to capture the children. Much of the mysterious deaths of was attributed to the witches. The villagers have been known to go mad.

One day, the three sisters were hatching a scheme to kill some more villagers. Each had their trick that they wanted to use and they argued for who was the best witch. All were skilled in sorcery. They new all the enchantments from juju. To settle this, they decided to use Aguwa poison and whoever could make it more effective could claim to be the best.

So they made their poisons and each added their own ingredients. They then disguise themselves as three servants in the village. The elders of the village warned the men that trouble was at their doorsteps.

Kebe, the first witch, made an odorless poison to avoid detection and added it to a farmer's food. The food had very little flavor and therefore the farmer did not finish his food. He became sick and started to feel weak. He fell to the floor but soon enough the man got well again after some treatment from the doctors.

The next day, Kessie, transformed also to a servant. She found the same man and put her poison in his food. Her poison was powerful and she knew it. All she needed as a little bit because the smell alone could knock the man out. The man ate around the food and he spit out all the deadly portions. Still the man became sick and soon dropped to the floor. Luckily for him, doctor were able to save his life.

On the third day, Aretta disguised as another servant. This time the man was on guard. He ate before getting food from all his servants. As he did all the chores in the house, he could smell the food from the kitchen. He ordered his servant to eat the food before he tried some for himself. Aretta ate the food and nothing happened to her so he tried for himself. He tried himself and the food was delicious. He decided that he would only eat from her. So for a week he ate her food. After 7 days, the farmer was deaf, blind, and weak. He died 3 days after

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The Blind Boy

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One day a blind boy was walking with his father. The boy began to cry and his father noticed.

The father said, “why are you crying?”

The boy replied. “I know all that I have is a gift. I appreciate all the gifts that I have. I can smell the roses in air. I can hear your voice and your teachings. I can feel the wind guiding my path. I can even taste the food that comes from the earth.”

The father replied, “I see you have much to be grateful for”

The boy began to cry again inconsolably “but I am mad that I cannot see anything.

The father said “you know you weren’t always blind.”

The boy in return “what happened? Why can’t I see?”

“When you were a very very young you loved to play. You were creative and everything was a game to you. One day you found a stick to play with. I took it away from you and you began to cry. You would not stop crying. I saw the tears and sadness in your face and I gave you back the stick. You return playing and being happy. Then in a moment you fell and your eye landed on the stick and stick blinded you.”

Hearing this, the boy shook his head. “The stick did not blind me. You did. You are my father and I needed you to let me cry because the tears would have faded. You saw the danger and let me have it”

Soon the father began to cry.

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